About us

Our values

  • personalised approach and customer focus
  • authenticity
  • sustainability
  • viability
  • innovativeness
  • cultural sensitivity

Our strengths

  • long-term experience in strategic management of retail and wholesale trade
  • experience in strategic marketing management
  • knowledge of and orientation in business processes
  • analytical approach

What we do

Our story

We make you visible to your customers!

Entrepreneurship is like an experiment that brings joy when it works. At the same time, a working experiment is also a proof of virtuosity. Every experiment and its realisation is born from ideas brought to life by courage and knowledge. As a result, we are focused precisely on the customer’s needs and specifics and thereby transforming the market.

Nimini was born in 2013 out of bold initiative, a clever idea and creativity. As a family business, our emphasis since our establishment has been on intensive communication and providing marketing, business and management consultancy tailored to our clients’ needs.

Due to the increasingly digital world, we have expanded our portfolio of services with digital marketing as well as the creation of websites and e-shops. In addition, we also offer maintenance of e-shops or website administration.

We work in a small team, which allows for immediate feedback, innovative ideas, impulses from different disciplines and high-quality results. Our eyes light up at the chance to help people. We are happy to share our knowledge and skills with you and help you create your dream website or an e-shop!

The team


“Dare to live!”

I’ve been a manager and leader my whole life, managing both small and large teams in different areas such as purchasing, sales, logistics and marketing.

Thanks to a long experience in retail and wholesale grocery and a strong business background, I consider my strengths to be particularly in the creation of e-commerce strategies, the development and launch of brands, and the management of sales and marketing processes.

Just as we never stop learning, in 2021 I decided to improve my knowledge as a front-end developer and focus more on my great passion – developing e-commerce strategies and creating as well as launching e-stores.
One of my greatest strengths is my ability to make bold decisions and good communication skills.

In my free time I like to explore the Estonian food scene and do sports. A healthy spirit in a healthy body!


nimini e-poed


“Life is not a sprint, life is a marathon!”

Having been a pet shop owner for more than three years, I have gained experience in various areas such as customer service, logistics, packaging, e-store management, marketing, post design and more. It’s the design of the various posts in Canvas that really catches my eye, and that’s where a lot of my interest in website design has come from. I have learnt website design from various courses and have practiced it by making websites at Nimini.

In my free time, I love to do yoga, cook, listen to podcasts and walk my adorable Pomeranian Fluffy.


“Do what you love and love what you do.”

I have studied Logistics at the Tallinn University of Technology and earned a Master’s degree in Analysis and Design of Informations Systems from the same university.

My main focus is designing IT solutions that make customers’ work faster, more efficient and error-free.
With a good understanding of the business side and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and organisation, I can find common ground with both business and IT people.
My passion is to create interesting and working IT solutions.

Since I play volleyball at a professional level, in my spare time you can find me on the volleyball court or in the gym.



Aleksander Eerma

Why choose us?

In doing our work, we are focused on changing the market in a larger way.
We are interested in long-term and sustainable cooperation.

It’s important for us that our customers find the right solution for them. Our work is based on intensive communication, discussions and consultation.

Our team consists of courageous, motivated and reliable professionals.

With a strong business background, we can create a commercially viable solution for our clients.

Smart and effective solutions are a sign of mastery. What could be more satisfying than numbers that speak for themselves?

Functionality, interesting colour schemes and easy-to-use websites always bring the customer back to your website. Together, we will find the most appropriate solutions.

Each area in which you operate requires a specific approach. Through an analytical approach, we will highlight the important specificities.

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