Brand design

The main idea of a brand or trademark is to promote a successful business strategy by focusing on its own unique values, and to encourage consumers to choose you over your competitors. A successful brand is one that speaks to consumers at a higher level. It is important to remember that success of a brand depends first and foremost on reputation. In order to remain successful and popular, it is up to the brand to respond to consumer expectations and needs on an ongoing basis.

Steps needed to create or transform a brand

1. We start from the beginning and do our homework: we conduct market research to identify what is currently missing in the market, who your competitors and customers are.

2. Crystallisation stage: in this phase, we will develop an overview of what kind of brand you want, what your brand will be called, what its message will be and why consumers should choose your brand (USPs – unique selling points).

3. Kick-starting the creative process: displaying the brand’s visual personality. At this stage, we will create your logo, your so-called handwriting and slogan. In addition, we select colours, fonts and presentation formats.

4. Creating a digital footprint and touchpoint: we develop a media strategy based on your brand’s characteristics, message and objectives. That being said, we focus on social media, product packaging, website or e-store and your brand image.
5. Assembling the big picture: in the final stage, we bring together all the above components: content, strategy, web design, design and brand image to choose the perfect concept for your brand and to let your brand go global!

3 different ways to build a brand

Product-centred model

Client-centred model

Vision-centred model 

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