Creating an e-store and a website

In today’s digital world, it’s no longer enough just to have a website or an e-store. Both of these have become sales tools. It’s a trading method that is gaining popularity all over the world. When comparing traditional trade and e-commerce, it is clearly much easier and cheaper to start with e-commerce. For us, the creation of an e-store or a website is a process consisting of specific activities. None of these should be skipped, and the order in which they are done is also important.

Creating websites and e-stores in stages

1. Together with you, we think through and describe the magical “why” as well as map the problem. Why are you doing this? What problem or need of your customer do you satisfy with your product or service?

2. We work with you to develop an image or concept of your target customer to whom you offer your product or service.

3. Together with you, we map your main competitors.

4. We identify the keywords through which you want to appear in search engines and and for which you will start creating content in your e-store or website.

5. We set up the structure of the e-store or website that corresponds to your customer’s needs and gets you sales.

6. We create the visuals and design of the e-store or website.

7. We will build you a well-functioning and modern website that is easy to manage.

8. We do on-page SEO for your site, i.e. optimize the page for search engines.

9. We will give you a two-hour website management training.

Once all the listed steps are done, the website is ready and you can open the doors. 😊 Then the serious work for your part starts, i.e. bringing traffic to the website, which we can also help you with!

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